Pull ShotEdit

The foosball pull shot is when you pull the rod towards your body and kick the ball in the goal all in one fluid motion. The most important thing when learning the pull shot is to get all of the basics mastered before trying to increase your shot speed. The proper set up includes making sure your offensive&nbsp

Unreal Foos Pull shot tutorial03:22

Unreal Foos Pull shot tutorial

Pull shot

3 bar is pushed as far as it can be against the far wall of your foosball table. This will maximize the amount of movement your opponent has to guard in front of the goal. Start by setting up the ball on the inside of your middle man and then pull the rod toward your body. While you are pulling the rod towards yourself, you will need to spin the foosball man's toe around the back of the ball and move slightly faster than it in order to get behind it and kick it square in the goal.

Pull Kick ShotEdit

The foosball pull kick shot is similar to the pull shot where you pull the rod towards your
Foosball Pull Kick Demonstration00:34

Foosball Pull Kick Demonstration

Pull Kick Shot

body and simultaneously kick the ball in the goal. The only difference is when you pull the foosball rod you pass the ball to another man along the same rod and kick the ball in. On offense, this shot is typically taken by passing it from your far outside man and shooting it with the middle man, but you can also go from the middle to the close man or even the far to the close. The pull kick is also a popular shot taken on defense from the 2 bar. You can think of this shot as a passing shot that all happens in one swift motion.

Push shotEdit

The push shot is the opposite of the pull shot where you actually push the foosball rod
Foosball - Bala's Push shot - with slow motion00:29

Foosball - Bala's Push shot - with slow motion

Push shot

away from yourself and shoot it all in one fluid motion. The push shot is probably the third most popular shot behind the pull shot and snake shot. In order to properly set up of the push shot includes making sure your offensive 3 bar is pulled as far as it can be toward the wall of your foosball table closest to you. This ensures that you have the maximum amount of room on the rod to push it during your shot and maximizes the amount of goal your opponent has to block.

Push Kick ShotEdit

Foosball Push-Kick (near side)00:17

Foosball Push-Kick (near side)

Push Kich Shot

Though not as effective as the pull kick, this shot can be used to supplement your offense when you want to test your opponent's defense and keep them honest.

Snake ShotEdit

The snake (or rollover) shot is the most popular shot in tournament foosball today. The reason for its popularity stems from being able to shot the ball left or right from the middle of the goal. This makes the shot hard to anticipate as a defender. If done properly, the shot can be an extremely high percentage shot.

Unreal Foos Rollover - Snake tutorial04:17

Unreal Foos Rollover - Snake tutorial

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